Our Restaurant

All our food and drinks in our region naturally grown fresh fruits and vegetables consist of hormone.

In the morning at breakfast with homemade jams, honey, butter, egg, milk and a lot of food and drinks will be able to consume the breakfast and dinner with our appetite.

The breakfast and dinner buffet as well as disposal.

We carefully prepare dinner for you consists of traditional Turkish dishes.

Breakfast in the morning
  • Uğur Pansiyon Restaurant Kahvaltı

    According to the characteristics seasons at breakfast, all-natural varieties of jam, egg, olives and cheeses, fresh domatez, cucumber, pepper, tea, coffee and milk are available. Our breakfast buffet, hearty and varied.

  • Exra lunch is being prepared for our guests who want to.
    Soups, salads, vegetable dishes, rice and pasta are available. In addition, seafood, white and red meat products are prepared upon request.
  • Dinner for our guests complimentary half-board service area, the other is a service provided for our guests as an extra. Dinner is a buffet; consists of traditional Turkish dishes. Our food is varied and satisfying.

Uğur Pansiyon Çıralı Restaurant